Water Quality Laboratory Manager

Water Quality Laboratory Manager

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Posted on: February 15, 2016 //

The Water Quality Lab Manager is responsible for administration of the MBA Applied Research Water Quality Laboratory. You will manage MBA Water Quality Laboratory staff. You will oversee the MBA water quality program, including physical, chemical, and microbiological monitoring, and maintenance of sensors and instrumentation. You will develop and evaluate procedures for water analyses. You will oversee routine collection and analyses of seawater as related to water quality monitoring, life support system evaluation, and experimentation. You will train Applied Research staff in routine analytical procedures and data processing while maintaining computer databases of results and submits routine data summaries or written reports. You will oversee maintenance of analytical and laboratory equipment and general supply inventory and administer laboratory safety practices. You will also maintain knowledge of current analytical methodologies and interact with other professionals in pertinent fields of science.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Responsible for overall administration of the MBA Applied Research Water Quality (WQ) Laboratory, including scheduling, operations, personnel matters and budget administration.
Manages MBA WQ Laboratory staff including: Microbiologist, WQ Technician – 1, Research Technician – Instrumentation, Senior Environmental Specialist – Water Discharge, and other Laboratory staff and Interns as assigned. Schedules weekly meetings with direct reports, works to resolve performance issues, and conducts annual performance discussions.
Develops and administers Applied Research budget items pertinent to MBA WQ Laboratory staff and operations.
Plans for short- and long-term departmental goals including projects and staffing.
Oversees aquarium water quality program, including physical, chemical and microbiological monitoring, and maintenance of remote sensor systems.
Performs routine sample collection and chemical/physical analyses.
Works with WQ Laboratory staff to conduct, and provide coverage for, routine monitoring tasks, including: calibration and maintenance of portable and stationary water quality sensors; microbiological sample collection and analyses including indicator bacteria in water and fungal spores in air, and; maintenance of the Water Play Exhibit system.
Works with the Director of Applied Research, Data Analyst / Project Manager, and WQ staff to plan and facilitate R&D projects.Researches, develops, and evaluates analytical chemistry procedures for water analyses.
Writes and/or reviews in-house analytical protocols. Works with the Data Analyst / Project Manager and other AR staff as needed to finalize protocols.
Trains Applied Research staff in routine analytical procedures and data processing. Assures accuracy of analytical results and reviews data for quality control purposes.
Uses computers to interface instrumentation and for data logging, data reduction and report preparation.
Prepares routine graphical and tabular summaries of data for review and presentation. Writes clear and concise reports and communications.
Oversees maintenance of analytical and laboratory equipment, and laboratory supply inventory.
Administers laboratory safety practices. Oversees Applied Research chemical inventory database and (Material) Safety Data Sheet files.
Maintains current knowledge of techniques and equipment used in pertinent fields of water quality and chemistry.
Works independently and in cooperation with other MBA staff and outside researchers or contractors

Other Duties & Responsibilities

Master’s degree
Familiarity with flow cytometry, particle size distribution, and/or total organic carbon analyses.
Practical skills in electronics, instrumentation, and computer hardware.
Working knowledge of aquarium life support systems, equipment, and associated impacts on water quality parameters
Works with Applied Research staff to plan and develop new approaches/techniques in support of the departmental goals.
May train and supervise other MBA staff, interns, volunteers, and outside researchers or students working at MBA.
Assists with maintenance of the Applied Research MBA Intranet Web page including departmental information and in-house data links.
Assists Husbandry, Facilities, and other aquarium staff with water quality monitoring and laboratory tasks.
Interacts and exchanges information with other researchers, institutions and organizations.
Assists with MBA public relations and educational programs as necessary

Skills & Experience

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree with equivalent experience in Chemistry, Biological Science or Physical Science.
Minimum of three years’ experience working as a Laboratory Manager or Coordinator.
Demonstrated management and interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with administrators, staff, outside agencies and the general public.
Advanced working knowledge of techniques and instrumentation used in analytical seawater chemistry.
Excellent laboratory and problem solving skills.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Strong working knowledge of computers and software used for word processing and database management (e.g., Microsoft Windows (7/10), Word and Excel for Windows)

Job Requirements
Salary & Benefits