Life Support Systems Technician – 3rd shift (Full Time)

Life Support Systems Technician – 3rd shift (Full Time)

Greater Cleveland Aquarium //
Cleveland, Ohio //
Apply by: August 31, 2023
Application Information: Brenton Maille, Director of Life Support Systems and Operations,

The Life Support System Technician monitors the functioning of critical life support systems. The position
performs protective security of the animal collection and facility while being able to recognize, troubleshoot,
report and coordinate responses to situations as needed.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

• Conduct routine visual inspections on all life support and facility systems
• Responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment by being alert to potential threats through
patrols, responding to alarms and incidents
• Troubleshoot problems and make informed decisions during response
• Perform inspections, preventative and corrective maintenance, cleaning and repair as needed to keep
LSS equipment in excellent working condition and appearance
• Maintain complete and accurate records and enter into database
• General custodial duties such as cleaning floors, surfaces, laundry, restock consumables, collect and
dispose of trash and recycling
• Keep a supply and inventory of common supplies and replacement parts
• Follow and maintain all safety policies and procedures
• Routine cleaning of life support areas to provide a safe work environment
• Mix the salt water
• Perform checks and calibration of lab equipment
• Perform and record basic water quality testing, ensure appropriate collection and handling of samples
• Conduct system maintenance such as vacuuming, backwashing, filter maintenance, cleaning acrylic,
scrubbing decor, cleaning filter materials and water changes
• Provide adequate written and verbal communications across shifts
• Work closely with the team and support the work of the Curation department to keep the animal
collection healthy and safe
• Observe animal behavior and report abnormalities
• Required to carry the facility’s cell phones and respond when working as the dedicated onsite
FirstEnergy Powerhouse | West Bank of the Flats | 2000 Sycamore Street, Cleveland, OH 44113 | 216-862-8803 |
• Required to stay within the building while on shift and during breaks when working as the dedicated
onsite employee

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

• Organized and self-motivated working effectively with limited supervision
• Ability to learn quickly through hands-on experience
• Knowledge of life support system equipment such as pumps, filters, fractionators, UV sterilizers,
heaters, ozone systems, control equipment, lighting controls, generators, plumbing and electrical is
• Animal husbandry experience is preferred
• Must have working knowledge of freshwater and saltwater chemistry and how it relates to aquatic
• Knowledge of proper laboratory and biosecurity techniques
• Strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
• Must be able to tolerate stress, follow emergency procedures and make immediate decisions
concerning the safety of animals
• Knowledge and ability to use hand and power tools
• Follows safe practices, protocols and precise directions
• Attention to details, resourceful and efficient multi-tasker
• Ability to troubleshoot complex problems in a broad range of systems

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential
• Frequently stand, walk, and use hands to finger and handle.
• Occasionally bend, stoop, crouch, and reach.
• Occasionally lift and carry supplies up to 65 pounds.
• Frequently climb ladders and stairs.

Salary & Benefits