Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Posted on: May 18, 2022 //
Apply by: May 31, 2022

Responsible for all daily operations and maintenance of zoo life support systems. Performs inspections and preventative and emergency maintenance for all life support systems and equipment. Conducts life support activities such as water testing and analysis, filter backwashes, system lineup changes, water treatments, and monitoring. Isolates, troubleshoots, and coordinates the repair of faulty life support systems including pumps, ozone generation systems, aquarium system filtration, and life support systems building controls equipment. Provides support of life support systems equipment and exhibits. Performs related duties and responsibilities as required.


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Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Conducts daily water quality testing including, chlorine, salinity, pH Coordinates, coliform screening, and any other necessary testing. Works with lab technicians to ensure appropriate scheduling, collection, handling, and analysis of water samples.
Operates, monitors, and maintains life support equipment (pumps, motors, chillers, ozone generators, filters, and piping systems) and conducts daily visual inspections. Schedules regular maintenance on all systems equipment.
Operates large pumps, sand filters, protein skimmers, ozone contact/ generators, identification systems, gas exchangers, Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) system, level, flow, and other instrumentation, automated LSS computer monitoring and control, etc.
Works with department team members to effectively plan for water quality needs for the animals.
Evaluates the records for daily visual inspections of filter readings, valve positions, flow rates, and analog instrumentation.
Maintains chemical balance of exhibit water to provide the cleanest, healthiest environment possible for the exhibit animals.
Records accurate data of activities, inventories, and maintenance of life support systems.
Follows and maintains all safety policies and procedures.
Assists with SCUBA diving and animal husbandry procedures as needed.
Demonstrates an understanding of current practices, policies, procedures for Parks and Recreation, American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA). Applies related rules, regulations, and applicable state and federal laws in daily work.
Demonstrates an understanding of computer systems and job-required software applications, the Internet, and department-specific procedures, and utilizes these tools in completing daily assignments. Uses these systems to collect and archive water quality data.
Demonstrates an advanced ability to perform maintenance of closed aquatic systems and equipment to include performing water quality treatment, testing, and record keeping, ensuring water quality standards are met and maintained.
Demonstrates an advanced understanding of water chemistry, including biogeochemical cycles, and water remediation processes in a closed-system housing living organisms.
Demonstrates an advanced understanding of biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration systems, and their design, function, maintenance, and repair.
Demonstrates an ability to work in an environment with offensive odors, contact with animal waste, the potential for transmissible disease and hazardous cleaning chemicals.
Demonstrates an advanced ability to instruct others in such safe work procedures or best practices. Identifies risk and liability implications, works to minimize problems, and advises management regarding complex issues.
Demonstrates an understanding of the priorities, goals, and objectives of the unit of the Parks and Recreation Department. Shows an advanced ability to be innovative and make ethical decisions and choices.
Demonstrates an ability to independently prioritize, plan, and monitor own work and meet project timelines. Estimates the time required to complete assignments, duties, tasks, goals, and objectives of the Zoo.
Demonstrates an ability to identify and use appropriate materials, methods, and resources necessary to complete the full range of work related assignments. Handles and resolves controversial issues by analyzing the problem and establishing creative solutions.
Demonstrates an ability to effectively identify and analyze complex detailed information and safely resolve the full range of challenges associated with daily work.
Demonstrates an ability to identify, understand, or refer issues presented by internal or external customers. Uses interpersonal skills to handle the range of routine to complex issues. Refers an issue or consults with the appropriate staff inside or outside the City.
Demonstrates an ability to identify and effectively resolve emergency situations involving coworkers, visitors, and animals. Shows ability to work closely with animal care staff to ensure animal health and safety.
Demonstrates an ability to effectively listen, speak, write, and interact tactfully in both a work and public setting. Consistently follows oral and written instructions from supervisors or management staff. Responds to a variety of complex complaints in verbal and written form.
Demonstrates an ability to communicate with others in all possible situations through clear speech, and/or concise writing. Shows an ability to follow oral and written instructions from high level supervisors or management staff.
Demonstrates cultural competency in communicating with people from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Exhibits effective interactions with people from all cultures and responds respectfully in manner that preserves the dignity of individuals, families, and communities.
Demonstrates an ability to gain an understanding of the unit department mission and vision. Applies that understanding in completing assigned work.
Demonstrates an ability to support team efforts by accepting and completing assignments within agreed upon timelines, exhibiting punctuality, accountability, flexibility, and adaptability.
Demonstrates an advanced ability to support the efforts of the entire work team and the city by managing the efforts, behavior, and quality of the work produced.
Demonstrates an ability to provide effective workgroup membership by showing initiative and motivation, participating in the group decision making process, and being self-directed. Provides clear, sufficient, and timely information.
Demonstrates an ability to foster a working environment that welcomes diversity, ensures cooperation, and promotes respect for all team members, supervisors, and customers.
Demonstrates an understanding department customer service standards and shows commitment to those standards by applying them in daily work. Provides customer service improvement suggestions.
Demonstrates a commitment and an ability to assist in identifying customer needs and continuously improve customer service.
Demonstrates an ability to appropriately respond to requests from internal and external customers, verbally and in writing. Resolves issues and quickly responds to requests from vendors, contractors, interest groups, and City staff.
Demonstrates an understanding of and respect for the diversity of customers, coworkers, and supervisors, including individuals with disability or whose first language may be one other than English.

Other Duties & Responsibilities

Applicant may be asked to perform other duties as assigned which may include, but is not limited to shoveling, loading and unload hay, working with animal care staff and various animals, scuba diving as needed

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

Ideal candidate will have working experience with ozone, chlorine, sand filters, various size pumps, various filtration systems including Defender filters, basic understanding of water chemistry as applied to animal exhibits. Experience with operating heavy machinery such as fork lift or skid loader preferred.

Education & Experience

A Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Zoology, Engineering, Physics, or a related field, and
Three or more years of experience with life support systems, current within the last five years. Experience must include the majority of the following: operating, maintaining, and building life support systems for marine and freshwater systems, experience with pumps, filters, fractionators, UV sterilizers, heat exchangers, ozone systems, and automated control equipment.

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

Must be able to stand, sit, walk, kneel for extended periods of time. Must be able to swim and perform physical labor as needed. Must be able to lift 50lbs.

Working Conditions

Subject to extreme temperatures and various seasonal temperatures. Subject to extreme smells. Position works with various dangerous gases, liquids and chemicals.

Salary & Benefits
Salary: $54,017.60 - $73,216.00 Annually