Curator of Life Support and Water Quality

Curator of Life Support and Water Quality

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas //
New Orleans, Louisiana //
Posted on: October 15, 2021 //

The Curator of Life Support and Water Quality (LSWQ) is a senior Husbandry Department position and the direct supervisor to Life Support and Water Quality staff. The Curator reports to the Senior Curator of Exhibit Operations, setting goals and expectations for direct reports and assisting with departmental planning and the development of protocols and procedures. The Curator of LSWQ manages and works to ensure legal compliance and industry best practices of the Aquarium’s life support and water quality operations and equipment, laboratory equipment, and exhibit physical plant.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Oversees the efficient and optimal operation of all LSS equipment determining schedules for preventative and routine maintenance as required. Oversees the testing of water quality samples for the AAOA and AAC facilities ensuring testing accuracy through staff training and evaluation and ensures timely recording/communication of all test data.

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

• Have expertise in life support design, construction, maintenance and management. Skills should also include an advanced understanding of fluid dynamics, pump mechanics, advanced life support equipment technologies, and the ability to troubleshoot life support problems.

• Have expertise in water quality testing and an advanced understanding of water chemistry as it relates to closed aquarium systems (fresh and salt water). Skills should also include an advanced understanding water bio-chemistry (nitrogen cycle and nutrient loading), chemistry manipulation and its effects on aquatic organisms, and the ability to troubleshoot water chemistry health and maintenance.

Education & Experience

At least 8 years’ experience in an aquarium setting (4 in a supervisory life support/water quality) position

• Paid experience in an aquarium or zoological facility is required, supervisory experience required.
• Significant experience in the care of aquarium exhibits
• Plumbing, constriction and exhibit renovation experience required.
• Demonstration of leadership, strong people skills, and strong communication skills.
• Strong working knowledge of project management, development and execution

Job Requirements
Salary & Benefits