Life Support Supervisor (Nights)

Life Support Supervisor (Nights)

Monterey Bay Aquarium //
Monterey, CA //
Posted on: November 12, 2021 //
Application Information: (Also hiring a day supervisor)

Responsible for the supervision of daily operations, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s 25 million gallons per day seawater system, HVAC system, and mechanical plant; supervises Systems Operators; provides staff training, scheduling, oversight of projects, development of protocols and procedures, staff development and reviews; responsible for staff safety; performs other duties as required.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Supervise System Operators; conduct regular one-on-one meetings and annual performance evaluations; conduct candidate interviews and participate in hiring processes.
Supervise daily operations, repair, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance of the Aquarium life support, seawater system, HVAC system, and mechanical plant.
Oversee non-routine projects, new equipment installation, and equipment upgrades, both with internal staff and contractors. Takes personal responsibility for the completion of projects, including performing or participating in the work.
Develop and communicate safety and technical training procedures and associated documentation; develop and enforce procedural standards; develop and coordinate the emergency equipment casualty drill program.
Oversee development and updating of Standard Operating Procedures and the preventative maintenance program and database, including maintaining documentation, Archibus, records, and providing training.
Train new hires and mentor Senior Operators in continued staff training and development for Operators I and II.
Create and coordinate the Control Room staff schedule

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

Preferred skills
Advanced understanding of stationary engineering standards, practices, and procedures
Advanced understanding of mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration as it applies to aquarium systems.
Mastery of three-phase 480V electrical systems and components
Advanced proficiency in operating and working with HVAC systems
Advanced understanding of the chemical and nutrient components and processes of seawater, including pH, alkalinity, and the nitrogen cycle
Ability to analyze data quickly and translate data into operational decisions.
At least three specialized certifications from the following list: Grade 2 Water (treatment or distribution) licensing, Energy Management Certification, Desalination training, FactoryTalk training, RS Logix training, Hazardous Materials Response training, Commercial Refrigeration License, Industrial Electricity training, HVAC Pneumatics training, Commercial Water Truck Operator certification
Ability to work within, and maintain Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Core Values
Demonstrated commitment to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Leadership Competencies
Water Treatment Plant Operator certification
Master’s degree in engineering, controls automation, or related field
Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) certification
Demonstrated ability to lead teams, manage contractors, and mentor staff.
Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate and train staff in technical subjects
Completion of a management training course or program (in-house or external)
Completion of a project management training program

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field OR equivalent experience in a water treatment plant or aquarium life support
8-10 year’s experience in aquarium life support, or equivalent mechanical or water treatment plant
Four years experience in a senior or supervisory level position in an aquarium facility, water treatment plant, or equivalent mechanical plant

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

Truck with liftgate, hoists, pulleys, lifts, building machinery, hand and shop tools
Walking up to several miles, climbing ladders, climbing machinery, accessing roofs, reaching, pushing, pulling
50 lbs. Chemical bags, motors, filter-sand bags, equipment

Working Conditions

Main aquarium, basement, mechanical rooms, service areas, outdoors, pumphouse, confined spaces, roof

Salary & Benefits