Life Support Technician

Life Support Technician

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Posted on: May 14, 2016 //

POSITION: Life Support Systems Technician
REPORTS TO: Life Support Systems Manager

This position requires a dedicated individual who will take direction from the Supervisor, Manager, Director and/or General Manager in overseeing all water quality systems within the aquarium. Must have experience with advanced water chemistry analysis techniques. Applicant must have thorough understanding of aquarium water chillers, heat exchangers, UV and ozone systems, reverse osmosis, fractionators, plumbing application, pumps, motors and filtration equipment. Applicant must have the ability to troubleshoot complex water treatment and filtration systems, both saltwater and freshwater. This position requires an individual with a high degree of professional experience in a broad range of specialty areas as well as proven leadership, effective training, and excellent teamwork by demonstrating leadership by example. Priorities for this position include fostering a positive work and team atmosphere, attention to animal health, exhibit excellence, and visitor experience.

⦁ As a member of the Husbandry Department, this team member will create an environment where people work as a team, and empower each other by being patient, kind, humble, respectful, forgiving, honest, and committed when interacting with one another and guests.
⦁ Performs and develops objectives, protocols, policies, and operating procedures to ensure the most professional, effective, efficient, and successful exhibits and related operations for the Husbandry Department.
⦁ Maintains the life support systems for the animals in the collection
⦁ Conducts daily water quality testing, chlorine, salinity, pH Coordinates, coliform screening, and any other necessary testing and work with lab technicians to ensure appropriate scheduling, collection, handling, and analysis of water samples.
⦁ Operates, monitors and maintain the associated equipment (pumps, chillers, ozone generators, filters, and piping systems) and conducts daily visual inspections and schedules regular maintenance on all systems equipment
⦁ Tests emergency procedures for life support systems
⦁ Works closely with other team members within the department, such as biologists, trainers, divers, and Animal Health Senior Director to effectively plan for water quality needs for the animals
⦁ Maintains accurate records, and distribute reports
⦁ Enters data into the database
⦁ Keeps current with certifications necessary for the operation of the water quality lab and systems operation
⦁ Monitor all phases of aquarium exhibit water treatment processing as well as equipment condition and making necessary changes or repairs as needed.
⦁ Performs preventative and corrective maintenance as needed to keep LSS equipment in excellent working condition and appearance.
⦁ Understands and interprets water chemistry reports and results, recommends and carries out corrections as recommended by others.
⦁ Follows and maintains all safety policies and procedures.
⦁ Maintains the highest standard of work area cleanliness at all times.
⦁ Performs other duties as workload necessitates.

⦁ Four year college degree or two year trade school degree.
⦁ A valid driver’s license with a good driving record. Certification from a recognized SCUBA training organization may be required.
⦁ Must have a minimum of three years’ experience in aquatic animal life support systems or similar industrial processing plant work experience.
⦁ Must have three years’ experience working with aquatic animals in closed aquarium systems including both fish and marine mammals.
⦁ Must have a working knowledge of freshwater & seawater chemistry and how it pertains to aquatic animals.
⦁ Must have the ability to repair LSS or similar industrial mechanical plant equipment including ozone generators, centrifugal pumps, heat exchangers, air compressors, automated control systems, and all types of filtration systems including sand filters and protein skimmers.
Ability to conduct vacuuming, backwashing, filter maintenance, and temperature monitoring
⦁ Must be available to be called in for emergencies
⦁ Some assignments will require the ability to work at elevated heights, move moderate to heavy objects, use power tools, operate heavy equipment; While performing the duties of this job the employee is required to stand for long periods of time, as well as walk. Employee will be exposed to large pools of water and should be a proficient swimmer. Employee must be able to use hands to finger, handle, or feel; and reach with hands and arms. The employee is frequently required to balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, climb stairs, or crawl. Employee is required to frequently talk and hear. Employee must occasionally lift or move, carry, push, or pull up to 50lb. Specific vision requirements for this job include close vision, color vision, depth perception, and the ability to focus. Must be able to take directional cues directly or indirectly. No impairment of sight, smell, hearing, touch, balance and agility of movement which might interfere with ability to work. The noise level in the work environment may be loud at times. Ability to work in all weather conditions, including occasional extreme hot or cold, and wet and/or humid conditions. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

⦁ Must exemplify core fundamentals of the Employee Promise, which states:

⦁ I am empowered to take ownership of any opportunity to exceed expectations.
⦁ I anticipate guest needs and pay attention to the details.
⦁ I treat all internal and external customers with respect.
⦁ I am on stage! (Smile)
⦁ I have an attitude of gratitude.
⦁ I get it right the first time.
⦁ I display actions that are moral and ethical.
⦁ I always provide alternative solutions.
⦁ I am committed to learning every aspect of our product and services.
⦁ I use the 10/5 rule, 10 feet I acknowledge my guest’s presence with a smile and at 5 feet. I greet them with a courteous word.
⦁ I use name recognition at every opportunity
⦁ I take personal responsibility for our surroundings.
⦁ I am accountable for my tools and resources.
⦁ I value the contribution of every team member.

Qualified applicants may submit cover letter and resume to:

Dave Peranteau
Director of Husbandry
[email protected]


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