Senior Life Support Operator

Senior Life Support Operator

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The Senior Life Support Operator applies advanced technical and operational knowledge to maintain all life support systems throughout the Zoo & Aquarium. This includes ensuring all systems are functioning properly to assure proper water quality, clarity, and chemistry. Work areas will include the Aquarium, polar bear pool, penguin building (2 penguin pools and multiple saltwater aquariums), elephant pool, sea lion pool, Stingray Bay, otter pool and Missouri Department of Conservation aquarium.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Routine Life Support Operations:

Performing various equipment function checks, calibrations, water samples and testing, while recording results.

Backwashing filters, water transfers, and pump basket maintenance for all pools and aquariums.

Dosing chemicals to maintain water chemistry.

Mixing artificial seawater.

Establishing good working relationships and communication with animal care and veterinary staff to ensure equipment and procedures are working properly.

Performing general maintenance items for life support equipment.

Advanced Life Support Operations:

Installation and repair of PVC piping and Life Support equipment.

Troubleshooting and repair of Life Support Equipment.

Ordering and maintaining supplies of salt, chemicals, and testing kits.

Ordering parts and equipment necessary to life support areas, working closely with the Zoo’s maintenance department.

Assist Life Support Curator to develop and implement area guidelines and standards, including:

Establishing standard operating procedures for all life support systems.

Occasionally assisting with design and providing input for life support systems being proposed for new exhibits.

Coordinating and communicating with other life support professionals to maintain knowledge and industry-wide standards for systems.

Skills & Experience

Education & Experience

Previous experience with and general knowledge of life support systems required.

Comprehensive and working knowledge of water chemistry, proper laboratory, and quarantine techniques.

Ability to perform repairs and general maintenance on various life support systems and equipment, such as sand filters, protein skimmers, water pumps, meters, generators, air pumps and ozone systems.

Knowledge of safety requirements and protocols required while working with life support systems.

Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office, preferred.

Strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.

Job Requirements
Salary & Benefits