Systems Operator I

Systems Operator I

Monterey Bay Aquarium //
Monterey, CA //
Posted on: November 2, 2018 //

Under the supervision of the Senior Systems Operators, the Systems Operator I will operate, maintain, troubleshoot and repair the facilities systems HVAC mechanical plant and life support systems. This includes but is not limited to: a 25 million gallon a day sea water system, a 250-ton main plant HVAC system with zone air handlers. Air compressors, motors, pumps, pressure sand filters, heat exchangers, gas fired water heaters and furnaces. The Systems Operator I will also operate a computer-based control system to monitor and make adjustments to associated equipment.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

 Works rotating shifts to provide 24/7/365 watch coverage, shared equally with other Systems Operators.
 Provides Watch coverage: Performs daily rounds inspections on all life support systems. Able and willing to take responsibility for plant operations when on shift, and respond to radio, phone or in person calls for assistance as required.
 Monitors and operates complex integrated seawater systems to maintain specified parameters on aquatic animal life support systems by adjusting or manually overriding automatic controls to bring equipment into recommended or prescribed operating range. May involve startup and sequencing of backup equipment.
 Operates life support and building systems using Rockwell Automation based PLC control software.
 Set up Night Event and Sleepover Lighting, Audio, HVAC and provide additional assistance to event staff if needed.
 Provide weekend and after-hours coverage for shops (Plumbing, Door, Electrical etc.) Reads meters and gauges and accurately records data in proper locations
 Inspects equipment at regular intervals to detect malfunctions, need for repairs, adjustments, lubrication, and performs these activities as needed
 Responsible for recording, updating, and report generating of the mechanical plant and life science preventative maintenance software program.
 Feel comfortable touring VIP’s and colleagues in behind the scenes tours of aquariums life support systems.
 . Work with hand and power tools: drills, saws, wrenches, scrapers, brooms, drain snakes, pressure washers, vacuums, powered hoists
 Cleans pump basket strainers, filters, piping, chiller and boiler tubes, heat exchangers, ultra violet light treatment systems, mechanical spaces and the equipment located in them
 Performs pigging on raw seawater lines
 Notifies appropriate personnel when needing to make system changes that affect life support systems
 Mentors and trains less experienced staff in all aspects of the mechanical plant and life support systems
 Works safely within and around: confined spaces, automatic start rotating equipment, hazardous chemicals, organic waste, ozone gas, natural gas, industrial electricity, seawater, pressurized air or water piping and equipment, ladders and scaffolding
 Climbs stairs, ladders, scaffolding
 Lifts and handles items over 50 lbs. in weight
 Ability to work with and direct outside contractor’s activities
 Maintain accurate and detailed mechanical plant and life support logs and records.
 Follows the directions as outlined by the Senior Systems Operators
 Provide excellent verbal and written communication skills to a variety of customers internally and externally to the Aquarium and the Control Room team.
 Brings to work a positive attitude and solid work ethic
 Adaptable to change in a fast-paced work environment
 Ability to prioritize work while multi-tasking
 Perform occasional strenuous labor and repeated routine tasks
 Works with a “safety first” mindset at all times

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

 At least 3 years of experience working in a general maintenance field or in an AZA accredited zoo, aquarium or equivalent facility is required.
 Ability to perform the duties listed above on a daily basis
 AALSO Life Support Operator Level II certification
 Thorough understanding and ability to troubleshoot complex water treatment and filtration systems.
 Knowledge of aquarium water chillers, ozone systems, pumps, motors, heat exchangers, air compressors, protein skimmers and filtration equipment is required.
 Must have basic electrical knowledge with 120-volt circuits and below and electric valve actuators.
 Must have experience pipe fitting utilizing PVC.
 Must have the ability to repair Life Science Systems or similar industrial mechanical plant equipment including ozone generators, heat exchangers air compressors, centrifugal pumps and all types of filtrations systems including sand filters and protein skimmers. Ability to perform both as a team player and as a responsible individual when on duty alone
 Familiar with industrial equipment operation / maintenance and stationary engineering practices
 Ability and willingness to learn through on the job training
 Maintain a mature, professional attitude
 Familiar with general industrial and public building safety procedures
 Ability to work within, and maintain MBA’s Core Values
 Ability to pass a pre-placement physical examination
Ability to obtain a valid California driver’s license with an insurable driving record

Education & Experience

 Aquarium facility Operator or proven aquarium experience
 Other related water systems operation or maintenance experience
 Familiar with OSHA safety guidelines and experience in an industrial safety environment.
 Excellent customer service skills
 Experience in plumbing and electrical design, assembly and maintenance
 Strong troubleshooting skills on mechanical / electro-mechanical systems
 Ability to take the lead on a project and see it through to completion

Job Requirements
Salary & Benefits