Water Quality Lab Supervisor

Water Quality Lab Supervisor

New York Aquarium (A Wildlife Conservation Society Park) //
Brooklyn, New York //
Posted on: November 11, 2015 //

To supervise and direct day-to-day activities required to maintain the water quality lab in optimal condition. Produce clear and trustworthy water quality data and coordinate its decimation to all interested parties.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

•Manage the Water Quality Lab staff, set their daily work schedules according to the work load.
•Keep current any certifications required for the operation of the Water Quality Lab.
•Assist in defining the water quality (WQ) parameters that are appropriate for the species housed within each aquatic and marine system. Develop and maintain WQ test procedures for each parameter that will give the best results.
•Develop WQ test schedules that will insure clear understandable data for each system. These schedules should be developed so each system is tested in a manner that reflects trends within the water chemistry, but are flexible enough to react to special testing requests and emergencies.
•Insure that all results are properly recorded and reviewed; all reports are distributed to all interested parties in a timely manner. All data should be entered into the Zoological Information Management Systems (ZIMS) database on a daily basis.
•Review the calculations and dosages for any chemical additions required to maintain WQ parameters for each system. Insure that this information is distributed to the General Curator, Director of Operations, Resident Veterinarian, Animal Dept Supervisors, Filter Operations Manager and any other appropriate party.
•Instruct and assign employees in various duties within the facility, explain the use of new equipment and procedures, and provide broad guidance and on-the-job training to subordinates.
•Inspect Water Quality Lab facilities to assure that required standards for housekeeping, lab safety and testing procedures are kept by employees.
•Develop and enforce WQ lab safety protocols. Making sure all staff members that handle chemicals or perform lab procedures have and know how to use the appropriate PPE, dispose of hazardous waste and store chemical reagents properly.
•Review and update the MSDS books and distribute the updated volumes to the appropriate supervisors. Review any changes with the supervisors and staff.
•Insure that all spill prevention and cleanup equipment is properly placed and maintained. That all staff is properly trained in this equipments use and post-use disposal.
•Understand and implement any testing and monitoring parameters required to comply with the SPDES waste water discharge permit. Coordinate the submission of the SPDES sampling with all necessary departments. Work with the WCS-Compliance Officer on the preparation and submission of all required SPDES reports. Review these report with the Aquarium’s Director, General Curator and Director of Operations prior to their submission.
•Understand and implement any testing and monitoring parameters required to comply with the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). Coordinate the water sampling with all necessary departments. Review these results with the General Curator. Maintain up-to-date records of these water quality results for review by the USDA-APHIS inspector upon request.

Other Duties & Responsibilities

•Manage the inventory of needed supplies and equipment for the smooth and continuous operation of the Water Quality Lab. Place orders for supplies and equipment as needed.
•Occasionally make supervising rounds with the WQ technicians to assure employees have maintained standards of testing procedures, sample collection, area cleanliness, equipment maintenance and safety.
•Impart the spirit of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium’s mission. Present a positive professional image for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium.
•Uphold the Society’s safety rules and standards for both employees and guests.
•Contribute to, enlarge, and uphold the Society’s policies toward equal employment opportunities for women, minorities, veterans, the handicapped, and other protected groups.

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

•Excellent Water Quality Lab skills
•Strong training in water chemistry analysis techniques and aquarium life support systems.
•Experience using the Zoological Information Management Systems (ZIMS) database preferred.

Education & Experience

•Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, marine biology, or closely related field.
•Minimum of three years paid experience as a water quality lab technician professional (or equivalent experience in a related field)

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

•Frequently climb stairs.
•Occasionally climb ladders.
•Required to wear a respirator as needed.
•Long periods of standing and walking between exhibits and buildings.

Working Conditions

•This position is in an Aquarium setting.
•Must be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions.

Salary & Benefits
Salary: Commiserate with experience