Water Systems Specialist

Water Systems Specialist

Monterey Bay Aquarium //
Monterey, CA //
Posted on: November 13, 2019 //

This position is responsible for design, maintenance, monitoring, operation and trouble-shooting of specialty life support and water treatment systems at Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA). This position also works closely with Applied Water Science and Husbandry Operations staff to identify issues and assess water system functionality and is responsible for coordinating efforts by Facilities staff and outside contractors to complete retrofits, additions and repairs. This position contributes to Applied Water Science water systems research projects, stays abreast of new technologies in the field of water systems, and, when appropriate, integrates findings into MBA operations.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

 Assumes responsibility for monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance of MBA life support and water treatment systems, including, but not limited to, biological, chemical and mechanical filters, protein fractionators, ultraviolet sterilizers, ozone and oxygen injection systems, gas transfer and pH control systems, heaters, chillers, pumps, and exotic species treatment systems
o Identifies system/equipment maintenance tasks and works with Facilities staff and/or contractors to repair/replace equipment and resolve system problems
 Designs and implements life support and water treatment systems
o Tasks include engineering, research, managing equipment/parts procurement, construction, and start-up
 Prepares Operation and Maintenance Manuals and trains Facilities staff for new and existing systems
 Performs research and development pertaining to the design, operation and evaluation of life support/water treatment systems
o Implements research and engineering principles into new water systems.
 Interfaces with instrumentation to review data related to water systems
o Monitors trends related to life support systems to identify potential issues
o Maintains computer databases; summarizes and interprets data; prepares graphic summaries and written reports
 Assumes responsibility for ordering equipment and supplies, as needed, maintaining inventory of replacement equipment, and coordinating equipment service by outside contractors
 Creates technical drawings using drafting software, such as AutoCAD

Skills & Experience

Education & Experience

Absolutely Required Skills / Knowledge / Ability / Experience or Education
 Undergraduate degree in Biological Science, Engineering, Chemistry, or related field
 Minimum of 2 years’ experience working in an environmental, commercial, or industrial position applying fluid systems (design, construction, operations, maintenance)
 Working knowledge of aquariums (home or commercial) and design/function of aquatic life support system components
 Water system and mechanical engineering skills, including pump sizing, flow determinations, and reading/interpreting construction/engineering documents
 Practical skills with hand and power tools used for light fabrication and mechanical maintenance
 Practical skills in electronics and instrumentation
 Basic working knowledge of techniques and instrumentation used in analytical seawater chemistry and microbiology
 Capable of balancing a dynamic and diverse workload
 Problem solving skills
 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
 Ability to work independently and as part of a team
 Ability to work within and maintain Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Core Values

Desired Skills / Knowledge / Ability / Experience or Education
 Master’s degree or equivalent experience in Biological Science, Environmental Science, Hydrology, Engineering, or related field
 Working knowledge of computer-aided design software (i.e., AutoCAD)

Ancillary Responsibilities
 Activities in support of the water science laboratory team, including, but not limited to: assisting with routine water chemistry, sensor maintenance, regulatory sample collection and testing, and microbiology
 MBA public relations and educational activities, such as providing facility tours or information related to water quality and life support systems
 Assists with storm water, waste water, and seawater discharge and treatment system construction, maintenance, monitoring, and improvement projects

Job Requirements
Salary & Benefits