Water Sciences System Tech – Seasonal

Water Sciences System Tech – Seasonal

Walt Disney World //
Lake Buena Vista, FL //
Apply by: March 4, 2024
Application Information: If this position sounds like a great fit for you, please visit www.DisneyCareers.com and search Job Requsition: "10079833".

Walt Disney World is looking for a Water Sciences System Technician. Your primary responsibility in this role is the operation of the Water Sciences water treatment systems and the monitoring of the water animal habitats. Performing checks on the systems components to ensure proper operations within design control ranges, interpret the data that is collected, and then troubleshoot and resolve system upset conditions. You will ensure adherence to strict water quality guidelines and set operational guidelines which is the basis of our aquatic animal health program.

You will report to the Water Sciences Operations Managers.

This is a Casual Temporary or Seasonal role with no guarantee of weekly working hours, as hours will fluctuate based on business needs.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

• Daily checks/operations of the water filtration and disinfection equipment
• Log keeping/report generation of system parameters
• Water quality analysis
• Test important Water Sciences components
• Cleaning and debris removal from animal habitats
• Minor maintenance/upkeep of system equipment used for water treatment

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

• Desire to implement best practices, with focus on streamlined procedures and standardization where applicable
• Demonstrated verbal skills
• Knowledge of PC-based software including Microsoft Office
• Knowledge of basic chemistry, biology, and physics concepts
• Demonstrate excellent record keeping and documentation skills
• Demonstrate ability to calmly deal with issues
• Ability to work in a team environment
• Positively interact with guests of WDW
• Knowledge of water filtration, with an understanding of filters, valves, pumps, and disinfection process
• An understanding of SCADA control systems
• Manage contracted service agents
• Understand the basic principles of water chemistry as they pertain to life support systems (DO, pH, temperature, Nitrogen cycle, turbidity, ORP/HRR, oxidizers, algaecides, biological filtration, etc.)

Education & Experience

High school degree or equivalent

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

• Heavy lifting up to 50 lbs required

Working Conditions

• Flexible work schedule including nights, weekends, holidays and overtime

Salary & Benefits