Benefits to Joining AALSO

Anyone involved in the function of Life Support System operations, at any level, whether beginner or expert, operator or vendor, will benefit from membership in AALSO. Membership entitles the individual to become a part of an amazing exchange of information on the daily maintenance and care of aquatic animal life support systems. Additional opportunities are presented at the annual AALSO Symposium to become a Certified Operator at several different levels, thereby providing additional credentials to those operators who have demonstrated their knowledge and proficiency in their industry.

Ways to become a member

Individual Members

Operators that become members of AALSO are offered the unique opportunity to discuss many topics on LSS with other operators from many different facilities around the world. Members share experiences and knowledge with one another regardless of their association with a particular facility. This is a rare information exchange network unlike any other in any other industry. In addition, you will obtain exposure to specific equipment and service vendors that have experience and knowledge in the application of their particular equipment and/or service as applied to LSS operations.

Vendor Members

Vendors that become members of AALSO benefit from the unique one-on-one relationships that develop between the vendors and the operators, which may contribute to additional sales opportunities in upcoming projects. Additional benefits are received in the feedback received, from an operator’s perspective, on the vendors’ equipment and/or service as it applies to LSS operation. The AALSO Symposium is held annually, and is largely supported by the vendors that sell to this industry. Held at some of the country’s premier aquarium and zoos, this symposium offers one-on-one face time with the people that operate, specify and purchase equipment and services for this industry.

Getting involved

Additional ways to get involved...

Looking for additional ways to get involved if you’re already an AALSO member? Not a problem. We encourage members to stay engaged and active in the organization.
AALSO is looking for people to serve on our new committees. Committee application is open to all current AALSO Members, and AALSO encourages everybody to apply!
Symposium presenters receive a free registration to be used for themselves or to pass on to another member of their faciality.
AALSO is now excepting proposals for workshops at this year’s symposium. Workshops are hands on classroom style sessions. The goal of the workshops is to promote education and professional development. The workshop curriculum focuses on practical application theory, operational requirements and hands on type learning. If you would like to submit a workshop proposal, e-mail
All AALSO board members are nominated from the AALSO membership.
Find out more about our award for recognition of outstanding contributions to LSS/AALSO


AALSO is largely funded by the vendors who help support the organization through buying trade show booth space at the annual symposium and through a variety of other sponsorship opportunities. The vendors scrolling below have made an annual donation to further the goals of our fine organization in exchange for a small advertising link. Please help support the vendors that support us.

Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several ways vendors can participate in AALSO events. Whether it’s helping to send an operator to AALSO, hosting full or partial meals during the show, sponsoring equipment or funds for a workshop program, or including promotional materials into the show bags that all attendees receive. For more information on these opportunities, click below.

Sponsorship Application

Considering sponsoring an Operator Attendee? Want to host an event at an AALSO symposium? Email the Vendor Board at