Workshop Highlights

Have you been unable to attend a symposium in while or are you looking to relive the fun of 25 years of AALSO? Below you’ll find some of the photos from our most recent events.


the BAWL (Big Automated Water Loop)

Our Big Automated Water Loop has become one of the most popular parts of our workshops. This system is almost 3000 gallons of moving water through functioning equipment while attendees complete hands on workshops.


Dry Workshops

Although not part of the water loop, our dry workshops small group, hands on learning. From water quality to pump rebuilds to PVC solvent welding, there are many opportunities to engage.

These hands-on training sessions cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Levels 1-2 Exam Preparation
  • Level 3 Exam Preparation
  • Certified Pool Operator Training (an additional fee applies)
  • Understanding the Benefits of VFD’s
  • Basic VFD Commissioning
  • 10 Hour OSHA General Industry Course
  • ASME B31.3 Solvent Cementing Training for PVC & CPVC
  • Butterfly, Ball and Check Valve Workshop
  • Small Pump Rebuild
  • Laser Alignment of Pump and Motor Coupling
  • Actuated Valves: Flow Dynamics, Level Sensing and Actuator Adjustment
  • Maintaining Larger Pumps
  • Plate Heat Exchanger Preventative Maintenance
  • Ozone, ORP and Probe Calibration
  • Ozone System Maintenance
  • UV Sterilizer Maintenance
  • Small Chiller Sizing
  • Fusion Welding PE Pipe
  • Glass Tank Drilling
  • Proper Calibration & Maintenance of DO, pH & Conductivity Sensors
  • Mechanical Seal School with Interactive Installation
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