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Albuquerque BioPark //
Albuquerque, New Mexico //
Apply by: August 2, 2024

Supervise, plan and coordinate a variety of Biological Park services, activities, operations and maintenance of life support systems and aquatic facilities; coordinate assigned activities with other divisions, outside agencies and the general public and provide highly responsible and complex staff assistance to the Aquarium Manager.

The Seattle Aquarium, a leading marine conservation organization, is looking for a Life Support and Facility Operations Technician to join the facilities operations team. The technician provides support and technical expertise for a variety of operations and maintenance/repair activities related to complex building and animal life support systems and equipment. This position coordinates work with internal teams and contractors as part of our day-to-day operations. The engineering team works to find ways to reduce energy consumption or to use it more efficiently, in support of our Regenerative program initiatives.

Responsibilities include effectively communicating across departments, collaborating in a team setting, coping with change, and operating at times in environments of uncertainty, utilizing sound analysis, good judgment when solving complex problems, and demonstrating a willingness to learn new methods and approaches to challenges. The Life Support and Facility Operations Technician is expected to respond to emergencies on an as needed basis.

All positions at the Aquarium support our SALISH Values (Sustainable, Awe-Inspiring, Learning and Improving, Inclusive Community, Scientific Integrity, Honoring Place). As a part of our values, the Aquarium is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. We adopted a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategic plan and Regenerative Plan. We envision a future in which ocean and coastal communities survive and thrive, where we can meet the needs of the present while building more resilient and equitable systems for the future.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom //
Vallejo, Ca //
Application Information: Erin Paiva

This is a paid internship starting summer of 2024. Interns are responsible for the general care and maintenance of all Aquarium facilities. Areas include Shark Experience, Sting Ray Bay, Rainforest Trail, and Quarantine.

Coral World Ocean Park //
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands //
Apply by: September 30, 2024
Application Information:

The Water Quality and Life Support Technician is responsible for overseeing and updating the animal life support systems throughout the park and assists with maintenance as needed for the drinking water systems, water features, and wastewater facility operations. This position assists with ensuring compliance related to federal and territorial permitting and regulatory agencies overseeing aspects of water quality at Coral World Ocean Park.

Fort Worth Zoo //
Fort Worth, Texas //
Apply by: September 30, 2024

This position is responsible for supervising and coordinating all operations related to life support systems and environmental monitoring for Fort Worth Zoo collection animals. Additionally, this position will liaise with the construction and maintenance department regarding construction and daily operation, maintenance, repair of life support systems and equipment.

Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach //
Honolulu, HI //
Apply by: October 31, 2024

The Aquarist 4 – Supervisor is responsible for working closely with the department manager to ensure that Curator department protocol and standards are maintained at all times; this includes scheduling of associates based on business needs. The Aquarist 4 – Supervisor will be required to become proficient in Timekeeping procedures, ordering procedure, and receiving procedures. This associate works closely with the department manager to ensure that the maintenance and ordering of supplies, equipment, feed, and other required supplies for the department is maintained. The Aquarist 4 – Supervisor will maintain all Aquarists records to ensure they are up to date, including CPR/First-Aid training and refresher training as required, and scheduling recurrent Rescue training techniques. This associate will be specifically in charge of insuring the maintenance of all SCUBA related equipment, scheduling annual overhauls of all SCUBA regulators used by department, and seeing that all SCUBA cylinders are scheduled for Visual Inspections and hydrostatic inspections on a schedule such that there is no shortage of necessary equipment at any time. The Aquarist 4 – Supervisor will be in charge of seeing that all SCUBA cylinders are kept filled and currently inspected. The Aquarist 4 – Supervisor will be required to gain and maintain basic pump room operation knowledge to Manager’s approval and be capable of inspecting and performing backwashing in pump room daily. This associate will overview standards and performance of divers during feed dives and maintenance/cleaning, and suggest improvements to enhance safety or performance and equipment needed to promote those ends.

California Science Center Foundation //
Los Angeles, California //
Apply by: September 30, 2024

The Aquarist, under the supervision of the Aquatic Husbandry Supervisors and Director of Husbandry, is primarily responsible for providing exceptional husbandry to the aquatic animals. Responsibilities include daily dietary and behavioral observations,cleaning and maintaining exhibit and holding areas, and keeping accurate and timely records. The Aquarist uses independent judgment and critical thinking, while understanding that an individual animal’s ability to exert meaningful choice and control is central to excellent welfare. The Aquarist practices excellent communication skills and models positive, encouraging behaviors to nurture the team-oriented environment. The Aquarist also demonstrates a commitment to reaching the goals and objectives of the department and mission of the California Science Center Foundation.

Mississippi Aquarium //
Gulfport, Mississippi //
Application Information: Brooke Monk

The Senior Educator delivers innovative and meaningful educational experiences that engage students and aquarium guests in STEAM learning and environmental conservation. Mississippi Aquarium’s education programs include but are not limited to field trips, camps, homeschool days, outreach, and field work. This position will serve as a resource to other staff and must have experience in the field. This position will regularly collaborate with other members of the Guest Experience team.


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The certification program is on course. The study guide was well done. I believe building confidence in that Level 1 operator through a certification program is the most important objective of AALSO. That Level 1 operator is the future AALSO.

AALSO membership and certification are two criteria I take into account when hiring new life support operators. I want all of the operators at our institution to become certified.

The certification program is great! I personally place a lot of value on this program, and hope to see it continue and expand.