Henry “Old Pumper” Johnson Memorial Fund

Henry was a true leader among men. He is considered a founding force in AALSO and he was an Officer for 8 years, 5 as Treasurer and 3 as President. We saw amazing growth in AALSO during those times, growth that we have continued to build upon even today. It’s hard to believe we will have an AALSO Symposium without his booming voice singing out “Alright People, Listen up y’all, time to head back to class! Let’s go People!” No-one could move a crowd like Henry, no-one.

Henry understood what AALSO was all about and he championed AALSO to all that would listen. The idea of helping his fellow Operator understand how to do their job better, whether they worked with you or for the competition, is where we think Henry excelled. He understood it was the animals in our care that were crucial and politics be damned. We know many equipment, pump and seal manufacturers that will attest to that. If you had a good product he let you know, if you had a good product that needed work, he let you know, and if you had a product he thought was not worth his time and effort, he let you know as well. That was Henry.

We can think of no better tribute to the Old Pumper from AALSO than to perpetuate his understanding of what AALSO was all about. To this end, the AALSO Board is starting a fund in Henry’s name to sponsor attendees to AALSO’s Symposiums. All funds accumulated will be used to sponsor operators and organizations to attend AALSO Symposiums. He knew this is where they will gain from the wealth of knowledge that he so loved to share.

If you would like to participate in this tribute to Henry “Old Pumper” Johnson please send your checks to AALSO, PO Box 690067, Orlando, FL 32869 marked for the Old Pumper Memorial Fund. If you would like to use a credit card, please use the PayPal links below.




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