2010 Symposium – Galveston TX


The 2010 AALSO Symposium was held in Galveston Texas from May 2nd through May 5th, 2010. This year’s Symposium will be hosted by Moody Gardens Aquarium and will be based at the Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center.

Symposium Agenda

CLICK HERE for the Agenda for the 16th Annual Life Support Operators Symposiumheld in Galveston Texas.

Presentations (PDF Format)

Emergency Scheme & Hurricane Prep for AOA
– Arnold

2011 Host Facility Spotlight
– Davis

Two Oceans Aq & uShaka Marine World
– de Maine

UV Disinfection Specification
– Dycha

Passive Denitrification
– Ebeling

Reinforced Concrete Corrosion & Prevention
– Evetts

LSS Design Criteria
– Johnson

Phosphate Removal Manuscript
– Keaffaber

Phosphate Removal
– Keaffaber

Aquarium Science Program
– Koike

Financial Resources for Disaster Recovery
– LeGaux

Proper Grounding of VFD and Motor
– Macomber

Sustaniable & Cost Saving Design of LSS.pdf
– Olander

Emergency WQ Management
– Prappas

Temperature Control
– Russell

Electric Safety in an Emergency Situation
– Snyder

Ozone System Preparedness
– Sollowin

Underwater Ups and Downs
– Sperduto

Tour the Aquarium
– Sollowin

Venturi Ozone Injection Systems
– Trollier

2010 Host Facility Spotlight
– Whittaker

Hurricane Planning in Retrospect
– Whittaker

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