Aquarium Life Support Operations Supervisor

Aquarium Life Support Operations Supervisor

Virginia Aquarium //
Virginia Beach, Virginia //
Apply by: January 31, 2023

Manage the operation of the Life Support and Water Quality divisions at the Virginia Aquarium. We are seeking a dynamic and motivated leader to oversee all LSS and water quality operations, maintenance, staffing , budget development and control systems

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Develop and implement aquarium life support and water quality standards and procedures in accordance with industry best practices, safety protocols, standards, and guidelines established by the Virginia Aquarium, governing agencies and regulatory/accrediting bodies. Assist the Aquarium Facilities – Systems Coordinator with strategic planning, exhibit planning, facility planning, and implementation of department goals.
Work with the Aquarium’s veterinary and animal care team to ensure the highest standards of animal care and welfare with regard to life support and water quality. Participate in section budget preparation; forecast, plan, and monitor operating expenditures. Prepare specifications and scope of work documents. Obtain quotes and evaluate products and vendors for purchased goods and services. Review, approve, and oversee section staff project budget proposals and purchasing activities.

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Other Duties & Responsibilities

Collaborate with all sections of the Aquarium to facilitate programming projects, exhibit improvements, implementation, and design, by ensuring life support and water quality considerations and needs are adequately covered and addressed for all aquatic exhibit displays in public and behind the scenes areas.
Develop protocols and procedures to ensure accurate, up-to-date standards and state of the art design to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Aquarium’s animal collection, visitors, staff , and volunteers, thereby contributing to the visitor experience and supporting the Aquarium’s mission.

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

Experience with large-scale aquatic animal life support system maintenance and repair in a public aquarium or
similar facility.
Extensive experience with aquatic animal life support system management and design including automated
controls in a public aquarium, aquaculture facility or similar facility.
Experience with water quality testing including sample collection, analysis and data interpretation in a public aquarium or similar institution.
Experience developing and maintaining budgets.
Experience developing project cost estimates and work plans.
Experience adhering to animal facility accreditation standards.
Certification as a Life Support Operator Level III through Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators (AALSO). Certification as a Water Quality Technician Level II through Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators (AALSO). Completion of a National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) Certified Pool & Spa Operator (CPO) course.

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree or higher in biology, marine biology, marine science, zoology, aquarium science, aquaculture, or
related field.
AALSO Level II preferred

Job Requirements
Salary & Benefits