Dive Safety Officer

Dive Safety Officer

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Posted on: November 7, 2016 //

Responsible for the development and enforcement of policies and procedures that ensure the safety of all Aquarium–related diving operations. Manage the Aquarium’s dive program which includes the volunteer and paid staff diving programs to ensure compliance with WOW dive procedures and regulations. Conducts all training activities related to WOW dive programs.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

• Responsible for the development and enforcement of policies and procedures that ensure the safety of all Aquarium–related diving operations. Develops the Wonders of Wildlife Dive Safety Manual and ensures it is kept current to all dive-related activities.
• Manages WOW’s dive program which includes the volunteer and paid staff diving programs to ensure compliance with WOW dive procedures and regulations.
• Chair of the Dive Control Board consisting of representatives from each department to discuss the diving needs of the aquarium. Schedules and conducts regular Dive Control Board meetings.
• Performs swim tests, check-out dives and all training for new and existing WOW divers, as well as additional training and check-out dives for specialized diver roles as described in the WOW Dive Safety Manual. Conducts open water certification and certification upgrades for staff. Maintains divers training records.
• Works with husbandry staff to train divers on protocols for diving in animal exhibits.
• Manages and oversees WOW diver CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Administration, Hazmat training, water rescue training, and scheduling medical examinations for Aquarium diver certifications. Monitors, maintains and ensures availability and readiness of emergency/first aid equipment and supplies at all dive locations.
• Keeps aquarium divers apprised of their certification status and insuring compliance with diving safety standards as determined by the Diving Control Board and OSHA.
• Maintains a strong knowledge base on diving industry standards, diving physiology, equipment, and techniques in order to ensure the Aquarium’s compliance with all relevant safety standards.
• Manages risk and ensuring the safety of staff, volunteer, and contract divers’ at all Aquarium-related diving operations, both on-site and in the field.
• Communicates with outside agencies involved in diving safety and regulations, including OSHA, AAUS, ADPA, and Diver Alert Network, etc.
• Develop and maintain relations with scuba dealerships and manufacturers, and attend necessary tradeshows and trainings.
• Manages repair schedule for all WOW SCUBA equipment including the in-house SCUBA Air compressor, pressure washers, cylinders, etc. This includes ordering of all repair parts needed to keep equipment within recommended institutional maintenance schedules.
• Serves as Dive Supervisor and participates in all aspects of diving operations when needed.
• Works with Curator and husbandry staff to ensure an environment conducive to the health and well-being of all animals within WOW’s collection.
• Works with the life support, water quality and veterinary staff monitoring water quality and life support systems.
• Coordinates daily activities though effective communication with staff and volunteers.
• Assist museum staff & visitors as needed in a pleasant, professional and courteous manner.

• Performs other job related duties as assigned in order to achieve the goals and mission of Wonders of Wildlife.

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

Requirements: SCUBA Instructor Certification required. BS in biology or related field preferred. Two years’ experience in dive training preferably in an aquarium or zoo. Supervisory experience and experience working with volunteers preferred. Certification as a CPR, Basic First Aid and Oxygen First Aid Instructor required. Hazmat Training Instructor Certification preferred. Certification and experience in equipment repair. Underwater liability insurance required. Must have good communication skills, both written and verbal.

Education & Experience

Preferred previous experience running a dive program as an adiministrator.

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

Physical – Requires walking/standing approximately 70% of the time, sitting 15% of the time, forward bending and crouching 15% of the time. Must be able to lift up to 80 pounds. Requires the ability to move about within exhibits containing rocky and/or uneven surfaces. Ability to pass all required physicals and swim test to meet WOW/OSHA standards and be certified to dive in aquarium exhibits. Unrestricted SCUBA diving as required.

Working Conditions

Environmental – Requires capability of performing essential job functions in animal holding areas, exhibit space and mechanical rooms where spaces are small and tight, and in office environments with climate control and good lighting. Also requires capability to perform essential job functions in outdoor environments and be capable of travel by various means.
Manual Dexterity – Requires ability to handle any of the dive and husbandry-related equipment, operate computers and other general office equipment.

Audible – Requires the ability to effectively communicate in person and via telephone with management, public speaking, staff and outside vendors.

Visual – Requires the ability to observe divers and dive operations to ensure the safety of all people involved in dive operations. The ability to observe physical characteristic changes in the animals and their environments, operate office equipment including computers and read written instruction and other documentation.

Salary & Benefits
Salary: Commensurate with experience