Life Support and Water Quality Technician (Part-Time)

Life Support and Water Quality Technician (Part-Time)

South Carolina Aquarium //
Charleston, South Carolina //
Posted on: November 11, 2015 //

Responsible for the operation of the Water Quality Lab (including routine water quality analysis on all systems, maintenance and calibration of all water quality lab equipment, and manipulation of closed systems to reach specified water chemistry parameters), operation and maintenance of specified life support systems and automation (including 24/7 operational support, seawater acquisition and ozone systems) and design and fabrication work with the Husbandry department to improve efficiencies of life support systems or support networks.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

•Adhere to the South Carolina Aquarium Policies.
•Operates and maintains the Aquarium’s water quality laboratory.
•Performs chemical analysis on all aquatic systems.
•Responsible for acquisition of raw saltwater and its purification treatment.
•Responsible for fresh water purification systems.
•Interprets data and performs follow-ups.
•Logs and reports analyzed results to the appropriate staff.
•Keeps accurate records, orders supplies, and maintains equipment.
•Conducts routine operation and maintenance of the life support control system.
•Keeps work areas clean and organized.
•Supervises volunteers and interns, including training, evaluating and scheduling.
•Provides periodic interaction with the visitors and membership.
•Develops & updates safety protocols.
•Coordinate with LS vendors and contractors for repairs and site visits
•Identify improvement projects and submit plan of action.
•Provide training to staff on associated life support equipment and processes.
•Provide 24/7 operational support.
•Able to work flexible hours throughout the week. May be called on after-hours or during weekends for emergency work.

Other Duties & Responsibilities

•Supports the mission by participating in Aquarium sponsored programs and events on a regular basis.
•Participates in special projects such as assisting students with class projects, helping with member programs, and assisting the aquarist staff with unusual tasks such as large renovation projects. May also identify life support system problems and suggest possible solutions.
•Possesses a working knowledge of the living collection, basic aquariology, and exposure to field collection activities.
•Maintains accurate records such as water analysis information and enters this data into computerized files.

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

•Previous experience with analytic equipment in a laboratory setting.
•Experience with ozone application and monitoring.
•Experience with automated life support systems.
•Thorough knowledge of freshwater and saltwater chemistry.
•Plumbing & mechanical skills.
•Understands proper use of industrial tools and equipment.
•Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
•Ability to work with others in a team environment.
•Basic swimming ability.

Education & Experience

•Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Oceanography, or Biological sciences with a strong chemistry background required (or five years experience working in related field at a comparable public Aquarium).
•Minimum of three months experience in an aquarium or zoological field.

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

•Occasional lifting and carrying up to 50 lbs.

Working Conditions

•Normal office environment.
•Frequent wet and slippery surroundings.
•Frequent hot or cold settings.
•Frequent exposure to fumes, smoke, odors, acids, caustic chemicals, etc.
•Occasional contact with customers and the public
•Occasional collecting of specimens in marine, freshwater or terrestrial environments.

Salary & Benefits
Salary: To commensurate with education and experience