Life Support Operator (LSS Operator)/ Water Quality Technician

Life Support Operator (LSS Operator)/ Water Quality Technician

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Houston, Texas //
Posted on: August 1, 2017 //

The Life Support Operator is responsible for maintaining all the life support systems at the aquarium on a routine basis.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

• Conducting daily rounds on all life support and water works systems
• Mixing of the aquarium’s salt water
• Performing and recording daily water test on the water features of the park
• Taking on basic plumbing assignments
• Maintaining and monitoring of the large filtration systems on property
• Repairing of equipment when needed. This usually involves, but is not limited to, changing bearings, seals, and impellers on motors and pumps as they go bad.
• Assisting other departments when instructed
• Routine cleaning of different life support areas
• Assisting other Life Support Operators with projects
• Technical repairs at other locations for the company
• Other duties as they arise

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

• Should have at least 1 year experience in a Life Support, water treatment, or related field
• Should be organized and self-motivated with a desire to see projects through to completion
• Should have basic knowledge of pumps, motors and filtration systems
• Should have basic mechanical, electrical, carpentry and plumbing skills
• Have basic automation or computer knowledge
• Must be willing to work in various conditions as well as indoors and outdoors
• Must have a valid driver’s license
• Must be flexible in shift times and during holidays
• Must be available for overtime in emergency and non-emergency situations
• Must be able to climb ladders and stairs, bend, stand, kneel, walk and lift up to 50 lbs.
• Must be able to work well and closely with others
• Must respond to alarm pages as they occur both on and off shift

Job Requirements
Salary & Benefits