Life Support Supervisor

Life Support Supervisor

Aquarium of The Pacific //
Long Beach, CA //
Apply by: August 15, 2023

Minimum starting pay for this role is $74,000 annually. Additional consideration will be given, depending on relevant qualifications and experience.

The Life Support Services Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day- operations of the Life Support Systems and staff. Including the installation, maintenance, and repair of all systems. Develops and implements all new automation/controls/monitoring systems. Performs all equipment preventative and predictive maintenance tasked, analyses life support trend data and recommends repair or replacement of major components when appropriate. Supervises technicians and contract work on all systems.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Responsible for life support system design, operation and maintenance for fresh water and salt water systems.
Troubleshoots and repairs systems to ensure aquatic life is sustainable.
Monitors a workable, preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance program for all systems
Develops and maintains proper and accurate SOP and documentation of all operations.
Reviews automation system designs, operations and procedures to ensure current in all areas
Ensures the safe and efficient operation of all habitat’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing and LS systems.
Ensures state of the art quality facilities installations
Coordinates 24/7 system operations for specimen health and welfare
Supervises, schedules, and directs activities of all technical staff.
Provides proper training for LSS operators as well as cross training curatorial staff in all routine and emergency life support situations
Responsible for on call scheduling of personnel responding to emergencies
Ensures all department personnel remains active in their daily responsibilities
Operates area within budget parameters and projects future needs for planning and budgeting.
Maintains equipment and supplies for daily operations
Anticipates problems or issues and be prepared to respond accordingly
Keep a positive attitude when working in adverse conditions
Recommends cost savings with life support maintenance solutions

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

A working knowledge and understanding of OSHA and Cal OSHA safety requirements for the working being performed is required.
Ability to safely isolate electrical equipment typically found in LSS installations.
Ability to design, fabricate, install, operate, troubleshoot, and repair plumbing and pumping systems using PVC, CPVC, polyethylene, and FRP.
Ability to work from discussions, directions, and drawings to conceptualize and construct complete assemblies, systems, displays, or exhibits using multiple skills.
Experience with PLC and building automation

Education & Experience

Two (2) years hands on LSS supervisory experience in a public aquarium is preferred.
Advanced Science / Engineering related education – desirable
Clear understanding and working knowledge of biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration.
Licensing in the field of water or wastewater treatment encouraged
Life Support Operator II – AALSO certification required
Ten years’ experience installing and maintaining life support systems
Knowledge and proficiency with commonly used computers and software (MS suite, Monitoring,etc.)

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

Ability to sit, stand and walk for long periods of time
Ability to balance, bend, squat, climb, kneel, twist
Ability to lift and carry up to 0-50lbs
Ability to pull and push up to 0-100lbs
Ability to work at a variety of heights
Full functional range of motion in all major body joints from reaching, twisting, bending, simple and power gripping, fine and gross motor skills

Working Conditions

Exposure to various in temperature, humidity or wetness
Exposure to injury from animal
Wet, dirty, uneven surfaces and walkways
Exposure to confined spaces
Exposure to work in an industrial environment, including areas with low headroom, difficult access
Ability to work around and use hazardous chemicals with proper PPE
Use of special auditory, visual, and personal protective equipment
Exposure to working with bio-hazards
Aquarium habitats and open ocean environments

Salary & Benefits
Salary: $74,000 annually
Minimum starting pay for this role is $74,000 annually. Additional consideration will be given, depending on relevant qualifications and experience.