Life Support/Water Quality Technician

Life Support/Water Quality Technician

Memphis Zoo //
Memphis, TN //
Application Information: Haley Lejman, Water Quality (LSS) Team Lead [email protected]

Responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of life support systems (LSS) throughout the zoo footprint, including but not limited to pump and filtration systems, documentation, basic daily water testing, pump room maintenance, and communications. This position will be responsible for monitoring equipment status, control system functions, and daily basic maintenance as needed.

This position requires frequent collaboration with the zoo animal care teams, veterinary staff, City of Memphis supporters (Plumbers/Electricians, etc.) as well as working closely with the other zoo operations teams.

If interested, please email: [email protected]

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Under the direct supervision of the Water Quality Manager and Team Lead, the Water Quality Technician is responsible for the preventative maintenance of all water and filtration systems within animal and public areas.

Other Duties & Responsibilities

– Consult and coordinate with curatorial staff, veterinary staff, and appropriate zookeepers and aquarists to achieve the highest quality of animal care through the management of water quality.
– Operate, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair life support and other public water systems.
– Conduct daily and weekly water quality tests and adding chemicals as appropriate.
– Inspect every pump room every day to determine the pump status and to correct any deficiencies that are found.
– Daily visual inspection of all water systems – address issues as necessary and/or escalate deficiencies found to WQ Manager promptly.
– Ensures compliance with local, state, and federal government requirements.
– Performs other related duties as necessary or assigned. May be asked to perform other related or non-related duties as assigned in order to achieve the goals and mission of the Zoo.

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

– Must be able to follow water flow direction and be able to back flush all water systems.

– Must be able to describe in detail the deficiency that is found. (Stellar communication).

– Assist with cleaning pools as directed.

– Assist with record keeping and communication with the city work orders

– Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or similar software.

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements

The schedule will include weekdays, holidays weekends, and/or evenings. 40-hour full-time job with full-time benefits. Additional hours are available as needed for events and additional duties.

Salary & Benefits