Senior Craftsworker – Life Support

Senior Craftsworker – Life Support

Brookfield Zoo Chicago //
Brookfield, IL //
Application Information: If interested in being considered for this opportunity, please visit the BZC Career Center to obtain more details about the position and to apply by submitting your profile. Please visit our website and use the advanced search feature to look for requisition number 2647BR.

This position contributes to the success of the Brookfield Zoo Chicago (“BZC”) by performing highly skilled craft duties throughout the
park with a focus on life support systems. Supports our organization’s mission and identified goals related to asset protection, financial
sustainability, guest experience, and animal welfare. Ensures work performed provides a safe environment for guests, employees, and
the animal collection. Ensures exhibits and facilities are functional, in a well-maintained state, and support BZC objectives.

Functions & Responsibilities

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions of the position.
The Senior Craftsworkers are expected to perform a variety of duties that may include any or all of the following. Specific assignments
will vary depending upon the nature of work performed and/or specific duties assigned:
1. * Performs skilled crafts duties throughout the park with little or no supervision, ensuring services provided meet section
standards, clients’ specifications, applicable codes and program goals and are aesthetically pleasing to guests. This includes operating,
maintaining and troubleshooting several types of life support systems, including, but not limited to a dolphin/pinniped system, a saltwater
fish building, bear exhibit, and splash pads. Works cooperatively with peers, managers, and establishes and maintains
productive working relationships with clients.
2. * Participates in the execution of routine maintenance and repair projects:
a) As assigned, performs routine inspections and daily maintenance of our life support systems to ensure all systems, equipment and
facilities are operated to the highest standards as it relates to water quality, animal health and facility maintenance. Advises supervisor
of needed repairs and client requests.
b) Advises staff of resource needs. Monitors schedule and communicates pertinent information timely to all affected parties.
c) Responsible for daily water testing, pool and equipment checks and for making any required adjustments to pools and water
chemistry. Maintains accurate recordkeeping logs of results. Maintains and makes repairs to valves, actuators, piping, ozone
generators, compressors and other related equipment.
3. * Ensures all work performed meets set standards and specifications and complies with established quality control standards.
4. * Carries out craftsman tasks associated with the section’s functional programs as assigned. Accurately fills out daily labor
allocation sheets with orders. Attends and participates in meetings as assigned.
a) Routinely inspects functional, structural and aesthetic systems in exhibits and facilities as assigned and performs minor repairs and
maintenance as assigned.
b) Performs crafts work to specified quality standards.
c) Advises appropriate staff timely of material needs.
d) Carries out tasks associated with the section’s standard operating procedures, which include, but are not limited to equipment and
shop maintenance, safety, inventory and purchasing, facility surveys, and utility locations.

Other Duties & Responsibilities

5. * Provides supervisor with information on resources needed for budget development including providing facility and exhibit
survey data. Assists in controlling the section’s operating budget by ensuring allocated resources are properly and efficiently utilized.
6. * Performs highly skilled level group duties associated with the Life Support Program. This includes performing skilled craft
duties, providing estimates, and communicating all pertinent information to supervisor and other appropriate parties.
7. Participates in the section’s emergency response and animal welfare program as assigned.
8. Other related duties as assigned or directed.

Skills & Experience

Knowledge & Skills

Ability to perform all required math commensurate with field of responsibility.
• English fluency at a professional working proficiency.
• Proactive, persistent, and helpful; team player.
• Good communications and interpersonal skills.
• Familiarity with all codes related to field.
• Must have knowledge and experience in scheduling, estimating, purchasing, and project management.
• Ability to perform all traditional tasks related to field.
• Requires mechanical skills related to electrical and plumbing, pumps and valves.
• Requires the ability to learn and apply information regarding water chemistry and maintenance of closed water systems.
• Good communications and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to effectively handle emergent issues and deal with individuals in a tactful and professional manner.
• Cultural competency; experience and/or ability to work and interact effectively with a diverse, multicultural audience.

Education & Experience

High School diploma or GED equivalent.
Graduate of an accredited apprenticeship plumbing, electrical or related program or two years relevant experience at a journeyman

Job Requirements
Salary & Benefits