Henry Johnson “Ole’ Pumper” Award

About the Old Pumper award

The “Ole Pumper” Award is named after Henry Johnson a past President and one of the originators of AALSO. Henry was a pump mechanic at SeaWorld Orlando and a major advocate for the development of AALSO Symposium and Workshops. His voice could be heard throughout the vendor hall guiding operators into lectures and workshops to take advantage of all the educational opportunities available. Henry’s mantra was “to pass on what you know to someone else so they can do their job better”, sharing knowledge with one another is what AALSO strives to provides to its operators. In honor of Henry’s contributions to AALSO the “Ole Pumper” Award was named after him to recognize a deserving member of the AALSO organization for their contributions. The recipients of the “Ole Pumper” Award are members who have given freely of themselves to ensure that the AALSO organization continues to survive, grow, and educate everyone who wants to learn. 

Nominations will be reviewed by the AALSO Board and the Recipient announced during the Annual AALSO Symposium and Workshops.

Previous Ole' Pumper Award Winners

Laurie Patel
To be awarded at the 2023 AALSO Symposium and Workshops
To be awarded at the 2023 AALSO Symposium and Workshops
Steve File
John hale
Joe Arlotto
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