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Education and Training (EaT) for Colleges and Universities:

AALSO provides a partnership for universities and colleges across America to promote education and training in aquatic animal life support and water quality. This program helps students learn about and explore a future career in Aquarium Science. Instruction is provided by working professionals in the field and covers the fundamentals necessary for an entry level position in the LSS/WQ field. Participating students are provided with a one year AALSO membership, free of charge, and are encouraged to attend the annual Symposium and Workshops where they will receive hands on experience and have an opportunity to meet future colleagues and supporting vendors.

AALSO EAT University Partners:


  • This partnership between the academic program, the participating professor and the AALSO EaT Program carries over each year. It is not necessary to apply each year.
  • All professors are invited to participate on the AALSO EaT Committee to help provide direction and guidance to the AALSO EaT Program.
  • Professors are encouraged to attend the Symposium each year and maintain an active AALSO membership.

Student Education and Training Program:

  • All universities and colleges with a dedicated Aquatic Sciences program are invited to apply for participation.
  • Once a year, an AALSO instructor will visit each school for 1-2 days and provide a presentation and/or training. Each presentation will be coordinated with the school prior to scheduling.
  • Each student is given a free AALSO membership for 1 year
  • Each participating school will be given the AALSO Level 1 Exam, (LSS Operator or Water Quality) of the professor’s choice, to administer in the classroom.
  • The highest scoring or performing student (one student per school) will receive a full education scholarship to that year’s AALSO Symposium and Workshops, paid for by AALSO or a sponsoring vendor. Students are chosen at the discretion of the professor.
  • Schools are encouraged to use the AALSO Field Guide in the classroom.

Exam in the classroom:

  • Professors are given the AALSO Level 1 Exam to administer in the classroom. Students that achieve a 70% or higher score will receive the AALSO Level 1 Certification.

How to sign up:

For more information or to apply to be part of the EaT for Colleges and University Program contact the EaT Coordinator at

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